Sweet World of Beekeeping: Hayward Farmers’ Market, April 15

Poster by Joe’s Honey


Discover the sweet world of beekeeping and local honey production at the Hayward Farmers Market on Saturday, April 15, 11am, with an exciting event that features a live observation hive, honey extraction and bottling, honey tasting, and free arts and crafts for kids. You’ll also be treated to presentations and a chance to talk to two extraordinary local beekeeping companies practicing small-scale beekeeping and honey production:

Sung Lee, “the bee charmer,” is a TikTok sensation, whose videos demonstrate this beekeeper’s careful and detailed up-close work with bees. Watch his videos of a queen bee emerging from a hive.

Joe’s Honey is a four-generation-strong family owned and run company in Hayward started in 2008 by Poppa Joe and Mario, who learned beekeeping from their fathers in Mexico, where bees were an important part of their work as subsistence farmers. You’ll learn about this company’s deep environmental commitment as they discuss why honeybees are crucial to our ecosystem.