Strawberry Peach Agua Fresca

From ‘Flavors of Mi México Querido’

By Chef Enrique Soriano of Cocina del Corazón

Jazmin Villalta of Cocina del Corazón serves Chef Enrique’s strawberry-lime agua fresca. Photo by Scott Peterson

What better way to wash down our smoky, spicy guisado than with a sweet agua fresca.

Serves a crowd

  • 1 pint strawberries, hulls removed
  • 4–5 peaches, halved, pits removed
  • 3–4 quarts water
  • Zest of 1–2 limes
  • Sweetener of choice (to taste)

Blend strawberries with some of the water and pour purée into a large serving jug. Blend peaches thoroughly with more of the water and strain into the serving jug (to take out the peach skins). Add remaining water to the jug along with the lime zest and sweetener to taste. Stir and serve in tall glasses over ice. Enjoy!


Editor’s note: Since peaches were not yet available at the time of this photo shoot in mid-April, Chef Enrique used strawberries only, and he added the juice of two limes to enhance the flavor profile. We have made this several times since the photo shoot and imagine enjoying Chef Enrique’s aguas frescas using other fruits throughout the summer season.