Celebrate Rosh Hashanah at Urban Adamah: September 15–17 in Berkeley

Photo courtesy of Urban Adamah


Urban Adamah’s Rosh Hashanah Festival & Weekend Retreat features drop-in events or a full weekend of activities and lodging, September 15–17 in Berkeley

Urban Adamah, in partnership with Base Bay and Moishe House, is opening its doors for Rosh Hashanah ritual, learning, celebration, nourishment, and rest. Attend the full retreat on-site with room and board; join for meals and programs (and head home to sleep); or drop in for selected offerings throughout the holiday. Events include a community dinner of connection, celebration, and intention setting.

Rosh Hashanah Festival & Weekend Retreat
Urban Adamah
1151 Sixth Street, Berkeley
Friday September 15, 6:15pm–Sunday September 17, 6pm
Cost based on level of participation.
Info and registration: here