Hot Soups from Cold Lands


Californians are known to be wimps about cold weather, and folks in truly cold climes don’t buy the excuse that our houses lack insulation. Better than making fun of us would be to soothe us with hot soup. Click here for 9 soup recipes from around the Edible Communities, most from parts north.

1: Celery Root White Bean Soup from Edible Seattle

2: Pennsylvania Dutch: Nanny’s Pepper Pot Soup from Edible Philly

3: Chicken Soup with Sourdough Pumpkin Dumplings from Edible Alaska

4: Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Coconut and Curry from Edible Alaska

5: Maple Roasted Beet Soup with Fresh Goat Cheese and Pistachios from Edible Vermont

6: Bison Chili with Chocolate from Edible Bozeman

7: Chicken Soup with Sprouted Spelt from Edible Bozeman

8: Pumpkin Miso Soup from Edible East Bay

9: Roasted Cauliflower Soup from Edible Rhody

Not in the mood to cook? If it’s Friday and you’re in Berkeley between 11 and 2, stop by the Urban Farm Oasis at 1441 Ashby for a cup of their soup of the week.

Photos by or courtesy of 1) Edible Seattle, 2) Jackie Botto, Edible Philly, 3&4) Edible Alaska, 5) Brent Harewynn, Edible Vermont, 6&7) Samantha Lord, Edible Bozeman, 8) Shared Cultures, 9) Edible Rhody