A Chocolate Bomb Cyclone in Your Kitchen


Who wants to spend Valentine’s/Galentine’s week making a mess of the kitchen? We do!

Here’s a bomb cyclone of  recipes from around the Edible Communities that should help you make a truly delicious mess that’s perfect to share with your Valentines.

  1. Baked Alaska from Edible Alaska
  2. Sourdough Brownies, the base of your Baked Alaska
  3. Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake from Edible Rhody
  4. 86-Proof Chocolate Cake from Edible South Florida
  5. Celestial Chocolate Torte from Edible Capital District
  6. Beetroot Chocolate Cake from Edible Boston
  7. Black Sage Cacao Tonic from Edible San Fernando Valley
  8. Chocolate Salami from Edible Michiana
  9. Chocolate Match Green Tea Cupcakes from Edible San Fernando Valley
  10. Decadent Chocolate Cake from Edible Vancouver Island
  11. Double Chocolate Cake from Edible Northeast Florida
  12. The Birdie Cake from Edible East Bay

Photos: 1. Kerry Tasker, 2. Julia O’Malley, 3. Melissa Denmark, 4. courtesy Edible South Florida, 5. Elizabeth Pedinotti Haynes, 6. Michael Piazza, 7. Jess Starwood, 8. Ashley Swartzendruber, 9. Donna Kashola, 10. Rebecca Wellman, 11. Sara Schober, 12. Scott Peterson