Feb 11: 34th Annual Golden Gate Scion Exchange at Diablo Valley College

A handful of scions (photo courtesy of the California Rare Fruit Growers)


At the Golden Gate Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers’s Annual Scion Exchange, gardeners trade scions from heirloom varieties of fruit grown in Northern California. The event includes a free grafting class, demos, rootstocks for sale, a fruit tasting, and a plant sale.

Select from hundreds of varieties to graft onto your trees and shrubs. You’re sure to find scions, vegetable seeds, and seedlings that are seasonally appropriate for propagation with availability based on what is donated. Beginners are welcome, and you don’t need to bring scions for trade if you don’t have any.

What is a scion? It’s a detached living portion of a plant—such as a bud or shoot—that can be grafted onto rootstock to create a new plant that joins the strength of the rootstock with the desired characteristics of the scion. Gardeners interested in having heirloom varieties of fruit growing in their yard do this sort of grafting.

34th Annual Golden Gate Scion Exchange 2024
Sunday, February 11, noon–3pm
(CRFG members can arrive at 11am to join or renew before doors open to the public)

Diablo Valley College, Horticultural Nursery, Lot 9
321 Golf Club Rd, Pleasant Hill
Admission: $5
Info here