On for the Valentine’s–Galentine’s Crush

This “blessé” by chocolate artist Karen Urbanek, creator of flying noir chocolates, reminds me of my trip through the Fez medina. (photo courtesy of flying noir)

Years ago on a visit to Fez, Morocco, I found myself conveyed along in a crush of people moving through the narrow corridors of the medieval medina. Fearing that I might get tipped into a display of spices at the entrance to one of the cubbyhole shops, I turned my head and found that the old burka-clad woman pressed up behind me was laughing her head off, amused at the thrill of being swept along in the human torrent. Literally everyone in the tight predicament was having a good time, and while I knew that a single shove could launch me into the ras el hanout, it seemed best to relax, laugh, and go with the flow.

Several weeks ago—January 13 to be precise—I was reminded of that day in the Fez medina when I learned that our story about Bloom’s End Bakery’s second-to-last pop-up at Morningtide shop in Albany had unleashed a torrent of you readers. When the event suddenly had to be relocated due to heavy rain, you joyfully swept yourselves off to the alternate venue (Berkeley’s Hammerling Winery) and tossed yourselves into a very long line of folks hoping to get to the pastries before they were all bought up. Those who missed out (or want more) may recall that Morningtide is hosting Blooms End on February 17 for their very last East Bay pop-up, so you have another chance to join the crush.

Since we want to make sure you know there are all kinds of other places and events where you can go for sweet East Bay fun through the coming weeks, here is our long list of options.

Option 1: Visit Albany’s Morningtide Shop for Artisan Chocolates

Option 2: which is actually around nine options.

Option 3: The Spaghetti Kiss (a recipe and a dinner out idea)

Option 4: A Chocolate Bomb Cyclone in Your Kitchen (12 more recipes)

Option 5: A Low-to-No ABV Night on the Town

Option 6: Some Fruit Tree Love for Gardeners


Sally forth and eat!
Cheryl Angelina Koehler
Editor, Edible East Bay