Golden State Olive Oils: Two April Tasting Events

California Wine Country visitors are increasingly finding olive oil flights among their tasting-room options. A side-by-side tasting (like this one held last fall at Gold Ridge Organic Farms in Sebastopol) is an excellent way to build your palate’s memory for fine aroma and flavor distinctions. (Photo courtesy of Gold Ridge Organic Farms).


Have you become intrigued with discovering the flavor sensations of California’s premium extra virgin olive oils? If so, you may yearn for an opportunity to taste them together with experts and makers who can guide you through the different monocultivar flavors and milling styles as you learn what makes each special. Your chance to do that is here at Oakland’s Rockridge Market Hall, where you can taste a range of extra virgin olive oils from the fall/winter 2023 harvest and meet the producers behind them at one or both of these free Saturday afternoon events.

Market Hall Foods is known for its comprehensive selection of superior extra virgin olive oils, including international standouts and a range of California oils from select producers up and down the state. The shop is always one of the first to bring in the current harvest oils as they become available.

At these two free events, customers will meet the growers, millers, makers, and experts to learn by tasting about the diversity of varieties and flavor profiles now produced in California. Taste a range of oils from delicate to robust to meet different preferences and cooking needs. Learn from producers about the challenges around the 2023 harvest and innovations in milling.

This is a rare opportunity to taste oils made from Arbequina, Frantoio, Sevillano, Picual, and Picholine monocultivars plus Sicilian, Tuscan, and heritage blends. Come learn how to taste olive oil like a pro and find out the best ways to enjoy each of these high-quality new harvest extra virgin olive oils.

  • Saturday, April 6, noon–3pm: Bondolio (Winters, CA), Gold Ridge Organic Farms (Sebastopol, CA), Séka Hills (Capay Valley, CA)
  • Saturday, April 13, noon–3pm: Olivaia’s OLA (Lindsay, CA), Frantoio Grove (San Martin, CA), S.C.O.L.A. (Sonoma Coast, CA), Olive Truck (San Francisco, CA)

Market Hall Foods – 5655 College Ave, Oakland

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