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Fall Harvest 2013


Food and farming efforts offer renewed hope to the community BY SARAH HENRY If only Richmond could overcome its reputation. Long viewed as one of the most violent places in the U.S., the gritty city saw its murder rate plummet in 2012. Still, this beleaguered community of some 103,000 reports unemployment hovering around 13 percent.…

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Contents Fall Harvest 2013

  FALL HARVEST 2013 RECIPES FROM J. R. NELSON EDITOR’S MIXING BOWL FALL HARVEST RECIPES From the Institute of Urban Homesteading SIDE DISH Hodo hooks up with Chipotle Can oysters come back to the bay? A MATCH MADE IN PLEASANTON New Leaf Community Market and the Sunol Ag Park ABOUT THOSE FOOLISH HENS TODAY’S SPECIAL…

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  HITTING THE BULL’S-EYE AT BULL VALLEY ROADHOUSE BY SARAH HENRY PHOTOS BY STACY VENTURA Lots of Bay Area folks have never heard of Port Costa and have no clue how to get to this sleepy little northern Contra Costa County community or even where to find it on a map. Hint: Look on the…

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BY BARBARA KOBSAR ILLUSTRATION BY MARGO RIVERA-WEISS When you’re at the farmers’ market, it’s all about what’s in season. Choosing from items harvested at their peak is your sure bet for fabulous flavor and freshness. AUGUST/SEPTEMBER Summer crops linger as midsummer fog backs off and our hot and sunny season arrives. It’s harvest time for…

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BY JESSICA PRENTICE Jessica Prentice, Maggie Gosselin, and Sarah Klein created the Local Foods Wheel to help us all enjoy the freshest, tastiest, and most ecologically sound food choices month by month. Here are seven of Jessica’s seasonal favorites. You can learn more about the Local Foods Wheel and the group’s other ventures at…

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