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Winter Holidays 2013

Who eats mushrooms?

CHEF SETH PETERSON’S HUITLACOCHE FILLING for tacos, quesadillas, tortas, enchiladas, tamales, etc. Seth Peterson, a second-generation urban gardener living in the heart of Berkeley, has worked as a chef at Berkeley’s Three Stone Hearth and teaches at the Institute for Urban Homesteading. Says Seth, “Huitlacoche [corn smut] is called the Mexican truffle because of its…

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More revelations of the mushroom people

Norm Andresen’s Mushroom Finder Wondering which edible mushrooms are found here in Central and Northern California? Says MSSF foray coordinator Norm Andresen, “That depends on the forest and the season. On a morel hunt, one looks for morels but might instead find Gyromitras, boletes, or false morels. Oaks are an excellent mushroom producing tree, so…

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Revelations from the mushroom people BY JILLIAN STEINBERGER ILLUSTRATED BY MELISSA GARDEN     Imagine a subject that branches off in a dendritic pattern, infinitely multiplying and spreading with no beginning, middle, or end. It suggests many connected and intertwined topics, each with endless utopian potential for food, medicine, farming, gardening, ecological vitality, and yet-to-be-discovered…

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Made by Hand

Gifts from Very Close to Home BY HELEN KRAYENHOFF ILLUSTRATIONS BY DAVID BALL Homemade gifts come with an extra dose of love. Source your ingredients locally and you’ll be loving the planet too! Custom Teas from Homestead Apothecary Amble down near the end of Oakland’s charming Temescal Alley, open the door to Homestead Apothecary, and…

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Oakland’s new wave of top women chefs BY SARAH HENRY • PHOTOS BY STACY VENTURA When the San Francisco Chronicle’s annual rising-star chef article rolled around in March 2013 it marked the fourth year running that the, ah, female factor was missing. Michael Bauer, the paper’s executive food and wine editor, noted the absence. “Traditionally the…

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EDITOR’S MIXING BOWL SIDE DISH Cholita Linda PieTisserie Abeni Ramsey’s new projects Bar Dogwood and Stag’s Lunchette FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISHES MADE BY HAND Gifts from very close to home ANY FEMALES IN THE HOUSE? Oakland’s new wave of top women chefs THE HIDDEN KINGDOM OF THE BLOBS Revelations from the mushroom people More revelations…

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