watercolor on paper by Wendy Yoshimura

About Artist Wendy Yoshimura

The shimmering, vivid colors and vibrant detail of Wendy Yoshimura’s watercolor paintings come from a passion shaped and refined by a half century of practiced discipline.

Wendy was born during WWII at the Manzanar, California, internment camp for Japanese Americans. After the war, she and her parents moved to Japan to be near her father’s family. It was on Eta Jima, a small island near Hiroshima, that Wendy developed her passion for art: Eta Jima’s brilliant light and lush, varied vegetation provided an environment that inspired her to paint and draw incessantly. Her mother, who had a deep artistic sensibility, encouraged Wendy’s enthusiasm.

Wendy was 13 when the Yoshimuras returned to the United States. Here in California, her drive to create beautiful art grew stronger: It became her refuge and strength in a strange new land where she did not even speak the language. After high school in Fresno, Wendy moved to the Bay Area to attend the California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts). She has stayed mostly in Berkeley and Oakland since then.

Wendy frequently exhibits her watercolors and fine art prints in the Bay Area. Some of her works are displayed at wendyyoshimura.com. Prior to the pandemic, Wendy was offering a Sunday morning watercolor class for all skill levels, beginner to expert, and we can all hope she will eventually be able to resume holding these meetings.