Urban Agriculture in the East Bay


The Dig Deep Farms Urban Farm and Food Hub its a model urban agriculture and food equity project in Hayward, California. (Photo by Austin Price)


Here’s a partial list of stories on urban agriculture and community food equity projects covered in Edible East Bay since our first issue in 2005.

Students Dig in to Create Green Spaces in South Berkeley (May 20, 2021 newsletter)

Getting to Fair Share with Town and City Permaculture (Winter Holidays 2020)

School and Community Garden Check In (Summer Harvest issue 2020. Covers Edible Schoolyard, Berkeley Unified School District, Oakland Unified School District, O2 Artisans Aggregate, Gill Tract Community Farm, Fremont’s Local Ecology and Agriculture Center, Vallejo People’s Garden.)

Dig Deep Farms (Summer Harvest 2020)

CoCo San Community Farm (Summer Harvest 2020)

Sharing the Bounty at Marilark Farms (Harvest 2018)

Growing a Neighborhood Food Haven at Gill Tract Community Farm (Summer 2017)

Life Lessons from the Independent Study Garden (Spring 2016)

A Network of Food and Gardening Projects Eases Hunger in Hayward (Winter 2015)

Alameda Point Collaborative (Fall Harvest 2015)

City Slicker Farms’ West Oakland Farm Park (Fall Harvest 2015)

Richmond’s Seed Saving Library (Summer 2015)

Richmond’s Urban Tilth (Fall Harvest 2013)

Planting Justice (Summer 2013)

Urban Adamah (Spring 2012)

Transition Movement (Fall Harvest 2011)

Oakland Contemplates a Bill of Rights for Urban Farmers (Fall harvest 2011)

Evolving Views on Community Gardening (Summer 2011. Covers projects in Hayward and Oakland.)

Mien Gardens and Makeshift Fences (Summer 2011)

The Urban Homesteading Movement Comes of Age (Summer 2011)

Envisioning Sustainable Futures for Urban Farms (Spring 2011)

Goats! (Winter 2010)

Ramirez Farm in Union City (Harvest 2010)