Covered Bowls

Covered-Bowls---Hi---2Sarah Kersten, a Berkeley-based potter known for her clay fermentation crocks, now has a line of covered storage and serving bowls.

“I wanted to make a beautiful set of bowls that are versatile in the kitchen, especially for leftovers, prepped meals, or prepped ingredients,” she says. “I designed them because I wanted to avoid plastic and had grown frustrated with not having the right containers when I wanted to refrigerate large batches of food I make on the weekends.”

Available in three sizes, the covered bowls can be stacked, and the largest might be used to transport a potluck dish. When not in use, they can nest inside one another to save space in the cupboard. One of the nicest things about these beautiful bowls is the way they can be used to warm and serve food. As long as the dish is at room temperature, it can be placed in an oven on low (200°) to warm food slowly. Purchase online at

Kristina Sepetys