Edible East Bay Internship Opportunities

If you are interested in an internship with Edible East Bay, please read through the following guidelines and let us know if and how you might see yourself fitting in.

There are two important things to know about our organization: One is that we run as a virtual office. All staff and contributors work from their own locations and meetings happen only occasionally. The other is that our operation functions on a very small budget, so any successful internship participant understands that the work itself is often the greatest reward.

We run all internships as two-way trades: You donate your time and we donate our coaching. Our goal is to guide you deeper into your talents and interests and get you some good experience for your resume. We would hope our work would be enhanced by your energy and new ideas. If a good working relationship forms, and you stick around, there may be opportunities to contribute with some remuneration.

Here are some thoughts on ways to get involved. All of them depend on your own initiative to move a project forward. In other words, we won’t be following up to get you involved. You would need to demonstrate sufficient interest that you would remember to keep checking in with us to keep the ball rolling:

  • Tell us about your specific interests. If it’s writing, please describe ideas for short articles (one to five paragraphs) you might like to write for our magazine or e-newsletter. You would need to do some on-the-ground research, work with us through an editing process, and help us come up with photos or other images to go with them. As you write down your ideas, think about the seasonal and local aspects of your pitches, as well as when these pieces would possibly run and why they would be of interest to our readers. Keep in mind that some items need to get written many months before they are published.
  • We sometimes have topics we could assign, but with writers who are new to us, we always start by having you demonstrate your interests and style through ideas you already feel motivated toward.
  • We are always looking for help creating social media posts and appreciate participation and expertise from younger folk who are actively involved with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If social media is your interest, also tell us how you think you could help get us new followers.
  • If you have any experience with creating podcasts, video, or slideshows, you could jump in on one of the projects we have already envisioned, or you could come up with your own. These get posted on our website home page and in social media. We want to produce as many as we can on interesting and relevant topics.
  • Do you have cooking skills you would like to test out in relation to our publishing environment? Tell us about those interests and what direction you might enjoy taking them.
  • Tell us about your skills with photography or illustration. Those needs are ongoing in publishing work.

Please let us know if any of these ideas interest you or if you have other thoughts on how you could become involved. Also let us know about your period of availability.


Cheryl Koehler
Publisher and Editor
Edible East Bay