Pick the right CSA program for you

With Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), farmers and consumers bypass markets and deal directly with each other. Consumers become members when they buy a “share” in a farm’s CSA program, entitling them to a box of fresh, seasonal, local produce—and/or other foodstuffs—every week or two. The programs help stabilize the farm’s income, and the farmer can take comfort in knowing that a community of consumers backs him or her up. For their part, members can make a conscious choice about who grows their food, how it’s done, and where. For urban and suburban dwellers, having a connection to a piece of rural land can feel significant, and happily, many farms invite members to visit.

Most CSA programs offer a mix of vegetables and fruit, with add-ons like eggs, olive oil, nuts, or honey. There are also CSA programs for meat, fish, medicinal herbs, and flower bouquets.

When choosing, keep in mind that each farm is unique. Some are organic, others not. Some well-established CSA programs are well-oiled machines that feed well over 1,000 households. Others are run by young farmers who have just broken ground on a couple acres and can feed maybe 20 households. There might even be a tiny urban micro-farm in your same zip code, where people with day jobs come home to work plots that produce food for five households. Yes, there are farms like this that serve the East Bay!

Please note that this chart was created for our readers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Many of these farms serve a much wider area. Click on the farm's name and you'll arrive at their website.

Would you like to have your CSA added to this chart? If so, please send an email to us at info(at)edibleeastbay(dot)com to see if your program qualifies.

A small East Oakland farm, where all proceeds benefit the youth who do the planning, planting, and selling.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Delivers a bag of seasonal vegetables and fruits to subscribers in the East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda, and San Leandro only), once a week (Wednesdays), for $25/week including home delivery!

Proceeds grow the job-training program for homeless people.

Vegetables, fruit.

Pick up from Alameda locations.  Home delivery available.

Group purchasing of whole animal.  Locally grown meat.

Connect with a group near you.

Intensively cultivated urban farm that currently produces enough fresh produce for about 15 families using 3 Berkeley backyards.

Fresh, organically grown backyard produce.

Pick-up in Berkeley

Support local East Bay beekeepers by buying a 6 month membership to this Local Honey CSA.

Raw East Bay honey  harvested seasonally featuring a different producer for each harvest.

Pick up in store.

In Santa Cruz. Quarterly shares and online farm store.

Biodynamic, wild crafted and/or organic herbal products and superfoods.

Ships from Santa Cruz.

Urban microfarm in Richmond. Certified organic.

Heirloom and open-pollinated varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs.

Online store on farm website. Public u-pick hours every Friday-Sunday afternoons, weather permitting.

Farmed by a former bean counter, now farming beans (and other things).  A small, organic Brentwood farm providing organic produce to East Bay residents.

Organic vegetables, Tenderfork Market naturally fermented breads, and Heather's Custom Meats beef.

Pick-up at the farm or from a centralized delivery point. We will determine delivery locations based on interest we receive. Shares will be delivered in handmade repurposed T-shirt bags.

Three-acre family farm in Sonoma.

Vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs

Pick up on the farm in Penngrove, or in North Berkeley, South Berkeley, or San Rafael. No delivery.

San Benito County food hub for local certified organic farmers and small organic food producers.

Vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, bread, cheese, and other products.

Pick-up from many East Bay locations. Deliveries available.

Small family farm in Dixon. Certified organic, grassfed/pasteurized, CAFF, Slow Food USA.

Vegetables, fruits, eggs, flour, honey, body care, probiotic sodas.

Many East Bay pick-up spots. Home deliveries available.

Capay Organics is a second-generation certified organic farm in Capay Valley.

Vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts, dried fruit, dairy products.

Home or office delivery

A non-profit organization dedicated to working with Black farmers and underserved sustainable farmers around the country.

Wide variety of produce.

Monthly pick-up in Berkeley; delivery within 15 miles.

Italian olive cultivars grown in Sunol, California: Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Taggiasca. Single-variety and blended olive oils.

Sold by subscription 4 times a year.California Extra Virgin Olive Oil certified by the California Olive Oil Council Working on option for local pick up.

Women-run, socially and ecologically regenerative CSA farm in North Bay Area.


Delivery Options: Pick-up in Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont/ Temescal, El Sobrante, San Francisco, Petaluma
Home or Office deliveries.

Non-subscription fresh, local and sustainable seafood delivery.  From dock to door in under 24 hrs. Email updates. Delivery every Wednesday.   Use this code at checkout: EDIBLEEB (all caps).

Seafood.  Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.

Home delivery to the East Bay, San Francisco, and parts of the Peninsula and to Hub Points in Piedmont, Moraga, San Francisco and Oakland.

Legendary certified organic farm in Brentwood.

Fruit, eggs, honey, baked goods, jams, granola, dried fruit, olive oil, body care, and more.

Pick up at many East Bay sites and farmers' markets. Also mail order.

This Capay Valley farm is a founding member of the Ecological Farming Association and a leader in restorative farming practices.

Certified organic, grassfed/pastured.  Vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, flour, wool yarn.

Pick-up at over 30 sites in the East Bay, plus home or office delivery.

Local Santa Cruz fishermen using sustainable methods (hook and line).

Seafood Watch Seafood.

Pick-up at Oakland and Montclair farmers' markets and home delivery.

Horse- and solar-powered certified biodynamic farm in Mendocino County.

Vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains, meat.

Delivery and pick-up in Mendocino County (Covelo, Willits, Laytonville, Redwood Valley, and Ukiah).

Antibiotic free, hormone free, pastured-raised and finished beef, lamb, and pork.

Beef, lamb, pork.

Monthly pick up in Berkeley. No delivery.

Foodshed-sourced meats raised 50 or fewer miles from the East Bay. Firm commitment to ecological and ethical livestock management.


Home delivery to any East Bay location.

Grassfed/Pastured/Holistic ManagementDry-aged beef, cut and wrapped by small-scale, artisan butchers.

Pick up in Berkeley, Pleasanton, Fairfield, Fremont, Tracy. Deliveries through RealFoodBayArea.com

Holistic, regenerative grass farm with beyond-organic year-round meat CSA. Monthly Potlucks, Pregnancy Discount, Slow Food USA, EMS verified.

Chicken, turkey, eggs, non-GMO pork, grassfed water buffalo & lamb, honey, sheepskin rugs (byproduct).

Pick-up from Fairfield farm location, home & office delivery to many East Bay and North Bay communities.

Sources from small, multi-ethnic family farms.

Fruits, vegetables, and youth-made sauerkraut.

Available for pickup on Saturday afternoon through Sunday and Tuesdays for home delivery in a variety of Oakland and Berkeley locations.

A network of family ranches in Humboldt County.

Certified Humane Raised and Handled, beef and pork.

Free home delivery in California.

Seafood sourced locally by small family fishers.


East Bay pick-up sites in Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland, and Fremont.

Certified organic, grass-fed/pastured.

Vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat.

Delivered weekly to pick-up sites throughout Napa, Lake, Solano, Yolo, Sacramento, Alameda counties and San Francisco.

This 50-acre farm in Esparto grows a wide variety of certified-organic vegetables. Options to add pastured eggs and artisanal preserves produced solely on the farm.

Delivery to Oakland, Berkeley, and Walnut Creek.

Small-scale fishermen using ethical fishing practices.


East Bay pick-up sites in Berkeley, Oakland, and Alameda

Small urban farm in Oakland uses organic and biodynamic practices.

Herbal products.

Contact the farm to learn about quarterly shares.

Organic and local ingredients hand-harvested.  Herbal products.

Quarterly shares. Pick up at Biofuel Oasis or mail order.

Petaluma farm follows organic and grassfed/pastured practices.

Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy products, bread.

Contact for pick-up locations or home delivery.

Certified organic farm in Winters.

Organic vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Subscribers can pick up at various locations in the East Bay

Farm in Valley Ford raises Black Angus and California Kobe cattle and Blackworth, Tamworth, Berkeshire, and Eurasian wild hogs.

Pork, beef, rabbit and chicken eggs.

Pick up at Downtown Berkeley and Temescal farmers' markets

Urban Tilth cultivates agriculture in west Contra Costa County to help our community build a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system.

Vegetables, fruits.

Pick-up in Richmond.