What’s the Beef With Beef?


Join ZeroFoodprint to explore whether or not to eat beef in light of its production effects on climate change. A foodprint is a meal’s carbon footprint or the amount of carbon-dioxide-equivalent emissions produced by that meal. Learn about beef production, grass-fed beef, and related issues through a panel discussion moderated by ZeroFoodprint and Chris Ying of Lucky Peach. Panelists include Michelin three-star chef Joshua Skenes, John Wick of the Marin Carbon Project, and David Lee of Impossible Foods, a company that makes meat from plants. ZeroFoodprint believes that food is integral to fighting climate change and that restaurants can help lead the fight. Cost: $35. Tickets and info: here

Beef: To Eat, Or Not to Eat
Wednesday September 14, 6pm
Swedish American Hall
2174 Market St, San Francisco

Read our current-issue story about local farmers and ranchers using innovative approaches to fight climate change: here