Cover Artist J.R.Nelson in Her Own Words


“Pink Teacup,” oil on canvas

I have always loved to paint. I have never had any doubt about my calling. I started as a child and never stopped. The only thing that has ever slowed me down is figuring out how to exist in this era, supporting a family, lapses in judgment, and my personal relationships. In other words, real life. And lots of it.

My style is still, and probably always will be, evolving. I started out (after basic training) as an abstract expressionist on large panels and primed paper, but ran out of interest as well as subject matter. Figurative art came next and remains somewhat to this day. Impressionism has always been my secret fix. I love to see the paint. It really gets me. I like the happy accidents that occur when a little red streak gets pulled into the white brush stroke. When the under painting bleeds through.

My great grandmother and grandmother collected individual teacups and saucers as was customary in the 19th century and passed them to my mother. When she downsized as she aged, she sold hers before I had a chance to request keeping them in our family. I was heartbroken. Then I realized that I could create my own collection. I am more a coffee addict than tea buff, but many of my friends in Southern California that I played poker with held “teas.” When I mentioned I was creating my own collection years ago they started scouting them out and giving them to me as birthday gifts. Over the years I have amassed quite a collection. Each one is unique and many are like jewels. There is an infinite variety of designs, and they can be found in antique stores and flea markets all over the world. Some are extremely rare and some are just charming. There is a great freedom in realizing I can create my own family heirlooms to pass down. This series of paintings has been popular, and I have learned that many people relate to them like I do.

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