Margo Rivera-Weiss





I have been creating art for three decades and practically every day for the past three years. I enjoy working in many mediums including pen and ink, watercolor, collage, printmaking, and mixed media. Art sustains me in a daily way—it is my meditation practice, my way to connect with others, and so much more.

Collaborating with Edible East Bay has been one of the highlights of my creative life. I appreciate how the magazine utilizes local artists, and I love the way food as subject matter reflects values, culture, politics, and other important issues.

One of my goals in making art is to capture the emotion and energy of the subjects. It was very exciting to interview and draw Luz Calvo and Catrióna Rueda Esquibel, the authors of Decolonize Your Diet, for this issue. I very much respect their work and activism because it is about health, pride in cultural culinary roots, and food justice.

Working on this article has also had personal meaning for me as I was recently diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. I have used food, herbs, and juices to stabilize and heal as much as possible. Catrióna and Luz have also been invaluable friends and resources as my spouse and I navigate this challenging time.

You are welcome to connect with me on Facebook or join my mailing list at If you are able to assist with my medical expenses please go to the YouCaring crowdfunding site: to reach “Help Margo Rivera-Weiss celebrate more birthdays.”