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Meet Cover Photographer Scott Peterson

Born on a farm in Indiana, photographer/filmmaker Scott Peterson has always felt an affinity for the land and the people who work it. “My career as a multimedia producer has taken me many places,” says Scott, “but I’m always looking to return to my roots.”

Scott was pretty delighted to reconnect with his roots two summers back when he spent a day photographing at Mike Madison’s farm in Winters. It was July, and the watermelons were almost ready for market as Scott shot this issue’s cover photo along with the series in the review of Fruitful Labor.

“I was struck by Mike’s devotion to his small but very vibrant farm. His attention to detail is amazing, his olive oil is delicious, and the flowers he takes to market every week are beautiful and varied. It was inspiring to talk to and photograph him. I was impressed by the way he enjoys giving back. Farming is sometimes portrayed as a romantic lifestyle, but it’s more often difficult and fraught with challenges, as is anything in real life. The visit to Mike Madison’s farm showed me both sides. I would have been happy spending a season there documenting the life Mike has created.”

Scott started his career in theatre. These days he channels that interest into film and video. Among his recent videos are three he created to accompany stories in Edible East Bay. His video on seed-saving advocate Rebecca Newburn won Scott an Edible Communities EDDY Award last year.

Scott and his family live in Alameda with a dog, a cat, and three chickens. The idea of going beyond chickens to create a miniature backyard farm has intrigued him. “I’m attempting a garden this year and hoping it will be more successful than last year’s attempt.” So we can picture Scott out in his yard a lot this summer looking over the “crops.” But if those don’t turn out so well, he’ll still be there plunking on the banjo and watching the chickens.