Want to Be a DIY Dairy Queen?

Get the hands-on skills and practice you need to make your own dairy products
at Three Stone Hearth.

Spend an evening in the kitchen at Three Stone Hearth (TSH) learning how to make your own dairy products. TSH worker-owner Linda Kallenberger discusses the art and science of making yogurt, butter, and crème fraîche in this hands-on session. You’ll also get to taste piimä cream, feta cheese, dairy kefir, and more at Linda’s Dairy Bar. Go home with three samples of products made in class and new knowledge about dairying as a cultural practice and nutritional strategy. Cost: $60. Info and registration: here

Dairy in Traditional and Modern Diets
Tuesday June 27, 5:30–8:30pm
Three Stone Hearth 
1581 University Ave, Berkeley


Photo courtesy of Three Stone Hearth.