Dine Local, Think Global

Chef Tu David Phu cooks up a memorable dinner based on the practices of regenerative agriculture.


Meet Chef Tu David Phu as he presents the Savory Meal at San Francisco’s Hardwood Bar and Smokery. The dinner is part of the global farm-to-table event organized by the Savory Hub Network and showcases regenerative agriculture, a system that strives to reduce climate change by capturing carbon in soil. The farming practices used to create this meal also increase biodiversity, enrich soils, and improve watersheds. Regeneratively raised meats are the centerpiece of the Savory Meal. Cost: $90. Info and tickets: here

The Savory Meal: A Regenerative Ranching Dining Experience
October 22, 5–9:30pm
Hardwood Bar and Smokery 
680 8th St, Ste. 170, San Francisco

Photo courtesy of the Savory Hub Network.