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Starry Nosed Mole in a Potato Patch by Susan Tibbon. Intaglio with pigments. Hand-pulled and painted in an edition varie of 50 prints.

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Chef Mark Liberman in Oakland

Turmeric in the Garden

Take Root: Oakland Grows Food

A Grand Lake Afternoon


Golden Plumé Cocktail
Spring Asparagus Frittata
Asparagus Sweet Pepper Tart

Frosted Yum-Yums
JBC Classic Chicken Curry
Spinach and Rice Torta


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About Susan Tibbon

Artist, farmer, teacher, and activist Susan Tibbon explores the wonders of nature daily, both at the farm and in her etchings, paintings, and sculpture. This image is the letter “P” in her alphabet series of intaglios celebrating the gifts of the land. Of this image, Tibbon says:

A small farmer’s workday is often long and tiresome. Shortcuts that work are always appreciated. This particular mole first appeared in our potato patch several years ago. She must have been very happy with her discovery, and she left plenty of spuds for us. Sometimes a small amount of soil is needed to top off a companion or beneficial plant, and the loose soil from the molehill works quite well for this. This always evokes a heartfelt “Thank you, Ms. Mole.”

Ms. Tibbon’s works are collected internationally and archived in the United States Library of Congress. She welcomes visitors to her atelier by appointment: 415.776.6367, susantibbonart(at),