About Our Cover Artist

Once again we have the privilege of showcasing the breathtaking work of Oakland watercolor artist Wendy Yoshimura on the cover of Edible East Bay. At left are her past covers.

Read more details about Wendy’s life and development as an artist in our Winter 2013 issue: She was born in the World War II Manzanar internment camp and then lived with her family on the island of Etajima near Hiroshima, Japan, where she first became fascinated with the intricacies of form and light and began depicting it in line and color.

“Watercolor’s transparency and fluidity are uniquely suited to capture color, light, and shadow. Its quiet, wild flow constantly pushes the limits of an artist’s precision and control,” she wrote in 2010.

Wendy shares her knowledge each Sunday in two class sessions at her home studio. As she describes it, “[The] artists arrive with different skill levels, from beginner to expert, and varying interests, styles, and tastes. As we paint we talk, not only discussing the artistic and creative challenges in our projects, but more importantly, sharing the adventures, joys, puzzlements, and sorrows in our lives. I believe this intermingling flows into and vivifies the art we create.”

wendyyoshimura.com, wendy(at)wendyyoshimura.com