Bon Appétit!

Stephanie Fischer, fishmonger at Hapuku Fish Shop, pictured with Moules Frites. Enjoy this French treat at the Soirée. Photo courtesy of Market Hall Foods.

Come celebrate Bastille Day with all things délicieuses, including French cheese, croissants, and charcuterie. Sample new foods, find items for the French corner of your pantry, learn to make sausage, and enter to win prizes. Specials on French products are available at Berkeley and Oakland Market Hall Foods shops throughout July. The July 14 Bastille Day holiday commemorates the storming of the prison known as the Bastille and marks the start of a political revolution to replace a monarchy with a constitutional government. Info: here

Annual Bastille Day Soirée
Saturday July 14, noon–3pm
Rockridge Market Hall
5655 College Ave, Oakland