Best Earth Day Birthday Cakes


Butterflies hover over this prinsesstårta from Crispian Bakery in Alameda. A tradition from Sweden, this torte consists of alternating layers of sponge cake, jam (typically raspberry), pastry cream, and whipped cream topped by a shell of marzipan. Visit Crispian’s online shop for pickup and delivery.


Pastry Chef David Benton started his Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio in 2009 out of his home kitchen in East Oakland. Self taught with the help of books and YouTube tutorials, he now has a shop near Mills College, and has made it to the cover of Oakland Magazine this month. His Lemon Globe Earth Day Cake dates back to 2013, so please check out his latest creations at


Linh Tran runs Nana’s Home Cakery from her home in Orinda. Her wisteria tree cake is made with vanilla cake layers filled with lemon curd purchased from Barbara Kobsar's Cottage Kitchen at the farmers’ market. Before Covid-19 arrived, Tran was offering private and small group tutorials to pass on cake decorating techniques. She also teams up with Cake4Kidsa volunteer organization of (mostly) home bakers who make and deliver birthday cakes to underserved children in the community.