04:25:2020 12:00pm Lunch


Photo: Christian Reynoso


Up for some cooking? Try this gratin by Chef Christian Reynoso from our Spring 2020 issue.

Want someone else to do the cooking? Cafe Umami serves hearty bowls filled with brown rice, veggies, and meat or fish. And you can stock up on Chef Marie’s krauts!

If you’ve been a regular at most any East Bay farmers’ market, you have certainly been swept away by the great flavors of Bolani‘s flatbreads filled with spinach, potato, pumpkin, or lentil and their variety of sauces. All are now available for home delivery. This biz has also been showing their appreciation for health care workers by offering them free meals, but their form got swamped, so they backed off for a while. Show your appreciation for their effort by placing an order.