Ecology Center Webinar: Covid-19 and Reusables

The COVID-19 pandemic is also taking a toll on the environment through an alarming increase in single-use plastics. Join an expert panel to find out how the virus is affecting the future of reusables and how the plastics industry is taking advantage of the crisis to promote fear about reusables. Panel members include Professor Kate O’Neill, UC Berkeley Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Caroline Cox, senior scientist, retired, Center for Environmental Health; Dagny Tucker, founder of VesselWorks, a reusable cup service; and Jessica Heiges, UC Berkeley Ph.D. student in Waste Management. This event is free, but donations are appreciated. RSVP

COVID-19 and Reusables
Thursday May 28, 6–7:30pm
Online event

Photo courtesy of the Ecology Center.