Ready, Set, Bake Against Racism!



East Bay Bakers

This group of about 20 professional East Bay bakers is donating to Black Organizing Project and Anti Police-Terror Project. They have two types of boxes for $40 each plus an assortment of à la carte items, coffee, and tisane. You need to preorder at for pick up on Saturday, June 20 at Tacos Oscar in Oakland.

Baking For Black Lives Matter

This effort started out of Berkeley High has spread to Grand Rapids, Michigan. You place your order and then choose the organization to whom you want to make your donation. Your donation level determines the size of your trove of baked goods, which you’ll get by delivery. Start from the order form here.

Zuni Café

If you’re over in San Francisco, you can order a box of 10+ pastries from various Bay Area restaurants for $75. Donations go to GLIDE’s Emergency Relief Fund and the East Oakland Collective. Preorder at for pickup on Saturday, June 20 at Zuni Café.

Ferry Building

Also in San Francisco, a group of home bakers are selling individual items at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market for donations to Black Earth Farms. There are no presales, so you’ll need to just go there on Saturday, June 20 during the market, which is held from 8am to 2pm.

Julie’s Coffee & Tea

Julie’s in Alameda has a group of kitchen creatives who are participating by holding a local bake sale at their location on Alameda Island. You need to preorder by Thursday night for pickup on Saturday, June 20. See the contact information on this menu: