Marinated Fire Roasted Peppers


Barbara Kobsar these peppers from Ledesma Farms at the Walnut Creek market. Cheryl Angelina Koehler roasted and marinated the peppers using the recipe below.

Way back in 2006, Chef Romney Steele of The Cook and Her Farmer in Oakland offered a version of this simple recipe to the Rockridge Market Hall newsletter, and they have been a hit ever since during pepper season. There’s something about the intense grassy aroma of the roasting peppers that makes uscrave the flavor of sherry vinegar, salt, and good olive oil (as if any excuse were needed). Romney suggests making a batch weekly to have available to toss into green salads, pasta or potato dishes, as sides, on pizzas, as appetizers, or with eggs for breakfast.

A pack of mixed peppers such as bells, poblanos, and Anaheims
Splash of extra-virgin olive oil
Splash of sherry vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

Char the peppers over a flame or roast in a 450º oven until skin is dark and crinkly. Place peppers in a bowl and cover to let them sweat. When they are cool, peel or rub off the charred skin. Working over a strainer placed over a bowl (to catch those wonderful pepper juices), remove seeds and rib membranes from the peppers. Tear peppers into strips and add to the saved juices. Splash in some olive oil and sherry vinegar plus salt and pepper to taste.