Sustainable Gardening for Renters

Photo courtesy of the Ecology Center


Are you a renter who wants to grow a garden but you have no yard? No problem! Most renters, especially if they’re not planning a long stay at their rental, prefer not to spend too much time or money fixing up someone else’s property.

But the benefits of home gardening—lowering your grocery bills, making healthier eating easier, combatting climate change, and the mind benefits of planting—should not be lost opportunities for renters. In this hands-on workshop, Lori “Compost Gal” Caldwell, a long-time renter herself, will help you navigate small spaces and the ways to grow food as a renter.

In this online workshop, Lori will demonstrate creative solutions and cover topics such as:

  • Container gardening indoors and outside
  • Vertical Gardening (hanging pots and peats, pallets, and trellises)
  • From concrete to food: creating temporary raised beds
  • Plant selection, crop rotation, and maintaining fertility
  • Working with your landlord and landlord incentives for lawn conversion
  • Free/low-cost resources
  • Reuse options
  • Taking your garden with you

Saturday April 10, 11am–12:30pm
Sustainable Gardening for Renters
Workshop cost: $10–$15.
Info and registration: here