Reusable Packaging for Pizza and Ice Cream?

Square Pie Guys pizza and Koolfi Creamery ice cream are only two of the items MudLab offers in reusable containers. (Photos courtesy of MudLab)


Did you know that over 3 billion single-use cardboard pizza boxes end up in the waste stream each year? Well, you can be sure that plenty of ice cream cartons are piling up next to them, and that’s why MudLab, Oakland’s zero-waste café and grocery store, is fighting back with ways to buy two local favorites, ice cream from Koolfi Creamery and Detroit-style* pan pizza from Square Pie Guys  packaged in reusable containers. These pilot programs are being developed thanks to support from StopWaste.

Read more about the Koolfi partnership: here

*Learn about the origins of the rectangular pan that defines “Detroit-style” pizza in this Eater article.  (Hint: the original pans carried automotive parts.)

To order, follow MudLab on Instagram  and send a direct message.