Make Mead, Fast!

Photo courtesy of Biofuel Oasis


Got extra honey? Traditional meads need a year or more to age, but it’s possible to speed up the process and have mead that is drinkable in one month. Learn how at this Biofuel Oasis class with Jim Vetch, a Berkeley beekeeper who has been making fast mead for years and experimenting with different ingredients and styles to make ginger, galangal, dry wine meads, and more. His process allows you to experiment with small batches, get results quickly, and repeat with a big batch when you come up with a particularly tasty recipe.

Is it really that easy? Well, not quite. Jim’s “fast mead” requires a more complicated recipe than traditional mead and more cooking science understanding, but this class is still accessible for beginners. During the session, you will learn about yeast, equipment, how to prepare must (unfermented mead), flavor pairing, fermentation, sanitation, and bottling. You’ll get to taste some of Jim’s creations during the class, and you’ll wind up with some mead to take home and let ferment.

The class cost of $85 gets you a 1-gallon glass carboy, airlock, hydrometer plus enough yeast for your first batch. If you already have equipment, you can get a discounted rate. You will need to bring a quart of your own liquid honey or you can buy some from Jim.

Make Mead
Saturday, September 11, 2–5pm
Sticky Art Lab, 1682 University Ave, Berkeley
Cost: $85 (see details above)
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