6 Easy Ways to Use Olio Nuovo

Illustrations by Cathy Raingarden



When there’s new olive oil fresh from the mill, Rolando Beramendi, author of Autentico, follows Italian tradition and makes FETTUNTA (a soaked slice): Toast a slice of crusty bread, rub it with raw garlic, and pour on the oil.

Or he puts out a bowl of olio nuovo along with PINZIMONIO (Italian crudités) as pictured at the top of this page.



Chez Panisse Chef Amy Dencler dresses raw local halibut carpaccio with olio nuovo and sea salt. Or she swirls olio nuovo into a pureed white soup like celery root or white bean, to show off the brilliant green color.



Olive oil producer Vincent Ricchiuti says, “One of my favorite ways to serve olio nuovo is with a beautiful piece of burrata cheese over a bed of fresh arugula and completely drenched in our ENZO Olio Nuovo, finished with flaky Jacobsen Sea Salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Simple.” Hint: Try the same thing with fresh ricotta.



Olive oil expert Roberta Klugman starts a December day with olio nuovo poured over soft-boiled eggs with flaked salt and garden herbs.