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Many Edible East Bay readers already know and love the printmaking and illustration work of artist Rigel Stuhmiller. Her line of stationery and gifts is found in many local shops as well as in over 500 museums, botanical gardens, stores across the country, and online. She’s created custom illustrations for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Kennedy Center, Williams-Sonoma, and other museums and food companies.

Rigel’s paper products are printed and assembled in Berkeley with the help of a small group of artists working nearby at a letterpress printer and small, family-run digital printing business. “It’s all very local, and the people I work with are fantastic,” she says.

“In my work I try to capture the beauty, curiosity, and wonder I see in the world,” Rigel writes. “My food-related inspiration comes from working many summers on the Chino Family Farm in San Diego. Working so closely with the family, staff, customers, and world-class produce was a treasured formative experience. It changed the way I thought about food and work. Certain sensations like the smell of fresh-picked lettuce and strawberries instantly bring back happy memories of that time.

“Birds and plants also feature heavily in my work. I am fascinated with their varieties and adaptations and feel lucky to be in the Bay Area where we have access to such a diversity of ecosystems.

“A healthy community is important to me. Five cents of each item sold is donated to the Alameda County Community Food Bank, which serves one in five people in our county. Over the years, sales of my artwork have raised over $20,000 for various charities.”

Find Rigel Stuhmiller at rigelstuhmiller.com and on Instagram @rigel.stuhmiller

Illustration by Rigel Stuhmiller
Illustration by Rigel Stuhmiller