Hands On Fish Workshops


Join Slow Food East Bay for an exploration of all things fish! Gain hands-on skills in the kitchen while also learning about the sustainability and seasonality of our local fisheries and how you can make the best purchasing decisions possible.

Fish Butchery: Seafood Nose to Tail
Adam Sewall of Sunrise Fish and Truc Vuong of Bonita Fish Market
Set yourself up with a cod. A whole cod. And a knife. A sharp knife! A few hours later, go home with some lovely fillets for the grill or the sauté pan, bones and head for fish broth and a newfound confidence in working with whole fish. We’ll be breaking down a number of local fish species and discussing nose-to-tailfin uses for fish. Ready? Knives up!   PRICE: $50  Email to RSVP an get more information: slowfoodeastbay@gmail.com

Sunday April 10, 5 to 7pm
Port Kitchens at the Port Workspaces
344 Thomas L Berkley Way

Fish Preservation: Pickling and Fermenting
Kirk Lombard of Sea Forager, Willow Blish of Slow Food and Andrew Renard, Three Stone Hearth’s Fermentation and Preservation Lead
Who doesn’t love some good pickled fish? Have you ever tried surf smelt? Here’s your chance to learn about fish seasonality and explore pickling lesser-known species. Increase the “funk” by trying your hand at ojingeojeot (a Korean salted and fermented squid) plus Thai fish sauce. Get adventurous, folks!  PRICE: $50
Email to RSVP an get more information: slowfoodeastbay@gmail.com
Sunday April 24, 5 to 8pm
Three Stone Hearth
1581 University Ave