Bay Area Printmakers Show Their Style


“Zucchini” and “Eggplant” by Susan Tibbon are part of an A-to-Z vegetable series. Intaglio with pigments.

A diverse group of Bay Area printmakers display their works in a new exhibit at the Compound Gallery. Don’t miss the stunning pieces by Edible East Bay cover artist Susan Tibbon and over 100 other printmakers whose works are on view and for sale. Place your vote for the audience favorite award, a cash prize given to the winning artist. Come learn about the varied techniques employed in printmaking and support the artists by viewing and possibly acquiring their work. Voting is ongoing until July 14, and the show runs through August 4. Info: here
See Susan Tibbon’s work in past issues of Edible East Bay: here and here

Bay Area Prints!
The Compound Gallery LLC
1167 65th St, Oakland
On view through August 4. Gallery Hours: Wed–Sun, noon–7pm
Afternoon reception with artists and print collectors/prize donors Fred and Louise Neal on Sunday July 21.